Monday, June 28, 2010

GRINDTIMENOW GEORGIA PRESENTS: TRAINING DAY 2-Hip Hop Battle, Networking Event & Model Search!

What's up family,

This is GrindTimeNow.Com Georgia's division President, Syd Vicious inviting you to the biggest networking event in Atlanta this Summer!!!

The World's Largest Rap Battle and Entertainment League,'s Georgia Division Presents: TRAINING DAY 2 - Hip Hop battle and model search!!!

The event is on July 17th 2010 begining at 2PM and is located at UTM Studios: 860 Hank Aaron dr. Atlanta Ga. 30315 - admission is only $5!!

We are looking for the worlds hottest artists and models to perform, battle and model for Grind Time Now Georgia future events.

This is guaranteed to be the must-attend networking event of the Summer! Attendees will be able to network and mingle with industry professionals of all forms, including singers, rappers, models, song writer/composers, graphic artists, Djs, radio personalites, record executives, film and video experts show hosts and more!!!

Grind Time Now has changed the careers of artists overnight and has put artists and models in direct contact with an entire sub-culture of Hip Hop and fashion. has been featured in mainstream magazines such as THE SOURCE MAG and continues to grow daily through literally MILLIONS of views via and has created various opportunties for artists to gain exposure and success through touring and sponsorship such as THE VANS WARPED TOUR.

**ARTIST** Will be able to book a slot and perform at this or any future Georgia event in front of a guaranteed crowd! Artists will also have the option of having their performances recorded for their personal and promotional uses.

Call Syd Vicious at (404) 438-6689 asap for slot prices, times and placements.

**Battle Artists** Will be recorded. The footage may be aired on the World's #1 Hip Hop Battle Website, and recieve thousands of guaranteed views.
Battles may also be aired on partner websites such as
There is no charge to tryout for Grind Time Now.

**Models** Will have the chance to be seen in various videos/battles receiving thousands of guaranteed views! Models will also get a chance to promote their companies, sponsors or upcoming events online and in person at various events in various cities.

If you are interested in being a part of this HUGE and BENEFICIAL event:

For Live Performance Booking, contact Syd Vicious at (404) 438-6689 or

For Battle Booking, contact Duce at (770) 557-5251 or

To become an official model contact Syd Vicious at (404) 438-6689 or

**ALL MODELS IN GEORGIA** contact Lady at

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