Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wuddup Fam!!!Stoppin' through to let all my fans who couldn't make it to my show on January 27th at Apache Cafe know how it went!!First of all, as I walked in the door around 11:15PM I was approached by the host and man in charge of "Tru Skool Tuesdays" named Big Tah of Strong Arm Management. He informed me that due to the amount of fans that came out for both Tru Skool Tuesdays and Hell in ATL 2, we had to start the show a whole hour early! Literally minutes after I walked in the door, they were announcing the "featured acts" segment of the night.After a fiftteen minute set from Apache "regular" Relik Rebel, host and hype man Fort Knox of Strong Arm Management asked the crowd if they were ready for the pure FIRE that was about to be unleashed!(A precursor to later events...) As Fort Knox introduces Syd Vicious and Soultaker Music, K.D. and I grace the stage and look in amazment at a packed house anxiously waiting for the reason they paid $10.00 at the door. HELL IN ATL COMMENCES!!!We start the show off with K.D.'s club banger, " Get Your Hands Up! " to get the crowd in the mood for the adrenaline packed set. " Can the right side getcha getcha hands up!!!" K.D. and I chant as the entire right side of Apache threw their hands in the air as if being held up in one of Billy the Kid's famous bank transactions. Not to be outdone, the left side and middle of the club reached for the stars as if promted to snatch their favorite constillations out of the sky! By the end of the song, all that could came to the front of the stage to get the best view of the hottest show in the ATL!!!I then proceeded to perform my crowd favorite, " The Club " with K.D. now acting as my hype-man. Keeping up with the pace set by our opener, we kept the club energized as the hook demanded , " All my real ni**as in the club, GET BUCK NOW!!!" By songs end, the crowd was officially strapped in and ready for the ride! I took this short break to introduce the SWATS (South-West Atlanta) favorite PLAIR to the stage. The "A" was officially on FIRE!!!( Precursor! )As Plair stepped on stage I asked him, " Wutcha been up to Plair?!? " leading into the answer and trap classic, " Gettin' To The Money ". Displaying his " southern swagger ", Plair lights up the stage with his slick wordplay. Plair went on to capture the attention of the ladies in Apache with his club hit, " Choosin' ". The ladies began to move as the chorus proclaimed. " I'm choosin'! I can't help myself! " He ended his set with his ATL anthem, " Clean " with me as his hype-man. Showing off his Polo gallery including the shirt, pants, skippers and matching Polo glasses!( 86 the socks! )I then went into my newest single off of the Hell in Atl record entitled, " Ni**as Get Killed Like That! " Plair remained on stage to back me up as I blazed the crowd to close out his set. Right as the song ended, Fort Knox rushed the stage to inform the audience that the FIRE MARSHALL was in the building and that there were waayyyyy too many people in the club. The Fire Marshall threatened to shut the club down if the crowd didn't clear out of the doorways and move towards the back of the club. After a brief intermission and attempted shut down, we were back to the action!As the commotion died down, I introduced my Soultaker Music affiliate Logic Squareroot to the stage. He opened his blazing set with his ST classic, " Cellophane " as I removed my cellophane from my box of Garcia Vegas and threw it to the crowd. Performing his lyricle acrobatics, Logic blessed the crowd as only a Soultaker representative could. He then went into his ladies favorite, " Water " which brought the ladies back in the action. He finished his set with his street hit, " K.I.M. or Keep it Moving! " The crowd was finally ready for the main event!I began my monsterous set with my underground smash hit, " VICIOUS " proclaiming my greatness to all who could hear my voice. " V-I-C-I-O-U-S! " rang throughout the club and what would seem like the rest of Atlanta! I followed it up as best I could with my new single off of my new E.P., " Don't Do It!! " The song went over as I thought it would. I had the crowd echoing back, " Don't do that! Don't do that! Don't do it! Don't do it! " The crowd went bananas foreshadowing the potential success of the upcoming VICIOUS E.P.I followed my new single up with my street classic, " Dangerous " The entire club had the index fingers in the air throwing up their " ones " in reference to the hook, " I got, one in the chaimber, eleven in the clip....." The crowd was now prepared for the climatic finish to an amazing show. By now, Logic, Plair, K.D. and I were all on stage in rare form to shut the city down once and for all!!!As the unforgettable bassline of the hip-hop classic, " Momentum " rattled the walls of Apache Cafe, I began my lyricle onslaught. I began to pull up on stage all my fans in the crowd who wanted to jump on and rock with us all while displaying my lyricle dexterity. By the end of the song, I had about 15 people on a stage made to fit about 5! I ended my set and our amazing show off with my smash hit single, " Say So! " produced by Tresor Hugo." Say So! " rocked the crowd as it normaly does with it's hard-hitting beat and raw lyrics. With about 20 people on stage, we shut Apache down officially and took the crowd with us as we departed. The show went over extremely well dispite the fire marshall and other " Haters " in the club.( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE HATERS!!!! "I would like to thank K.D. for holding me down with such short notice. I would also like to thank Logic and Plair for helping me put on a great show. I would like to give a shout out to Big Tah, Fort Knox and Apache Cafe for believing in me enough to give me a 30 minute set while the other artists were getting 10 minutes. Most of all I would like to thank all of my fans, friends and family for coming out and showing us love every time we have a show!!!The actual show footage will be available on Myspace and YouTube soon for all of my fans to check out. Hit me up and stay tuned to http://myspace.com/sydystykvicious and http://reverbnation.com/sydystykvicious for more info on future shows and videos.And oh yeah.... DOWNLOAD HELL IN ATL!!! IT'S SAFE AND IT'S FREE!!!! Holla!!!!! ..